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We want you to be satisfied, so tell us exactly how you want us to photograph your product.


Smart Product Shots, LLC. provides great images, quick turnaround, and discounted rates. We are able to accomplish this with the client's help and direction at the beginning of the project. We do not shoot with an approval/disapproval for each photograph during the photo process. We do not have clients on set for art direction.

Art direction is defined as the client or representative on set for approving or disapproving each photograph as it is photographed and giving a live real-time direction of the shoot.


The direction of how the images are to be photographed must be specified at the beginning of the project. Specific direction from the client should be delivered at the time of placing your order. The order form is set up to offer useful direction from the client to SPS. The client may also provide drawings, illustrations, cell phone images, reference sheets, URLs, and/or a style guide to better demonstrate preferences.


If The Client decides they are unhappy with the images, we will refund the payment up to 30 days from completion of the order. If the photos were arranged according to direction from The Client and there is a change request from The Client regarding position and style of the photography after the product shots have been taken, there will be an additional charge for this second phase of shooting.


If no example or guide images are provided then the client loses the right to a refund, revision or approval.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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