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Shipping Information

To Start

  • While organizing your product please create a Shoot List of the products to be photographed. A shoot list will list the products in your order with their item number/product name. Click here for the shoot list form.


  • The best way to let us specifically know what type of photos you would like is to use your phone camera and take a quick photo of the angle or angles you would like to see. You can email these photos to us or send printouts with the shipment.

What to Send

  • Before you send us your product please try to go through them and pick the best. An initial cleaning will be performed before the photographs are taken and we will retouch any noticeable minor defects afterward. However, starting with the best product possible will help to avoid any additional charges.

    • Do your best to avoid: Dents, Scratches, Rust, Stains, Creases
      or Stickers.


  • Do the best job you can packing the product. It is important to cushion the products properly. Each product should be wrapped separately with enough cushioning provided in-between product to avoid movement while being transported. If the product does get damaged when it arrives, we’ll let you know and give you the chance to send a replacement before we do the shoot.


  • Return Shipping Label - When you go print a label on FedEx or UPS (if you have an account), your given an option to print a return shipping label. This isn’t billed until it is used. It is the quickest way for us to return your products to you after the shoot, otherwise, we’d be happy to send you an invoice for the return shipping after the shoot is complete.

Please Send All Packages to:


Smart Product Shots

5 Division Street 

Door C4, Unit C-143

East Greenwich, RI 02818


When the shipment is on its way please forward all product tracking information to

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