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Your Guide to Amazon Image Requirements

People are visually driven when shopping online. The majority of Amazon shoppers make purchases based on a product’s images. Having the best product photos possible is your selling point and puts your product in your customer’s hands.

Don’t miss out with images that do not meet Amazon’s specs.

Here is a brief guide to Amazon’s recommended image requirements.

Product Photography

Recommended size: 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels

Recommended format: JPEG

Recommended color: sRGB

Recommended file name: must include product ID number, period, and format extension code

Maximum image size: 10MB

Main Image

Pure white background (RGB 255, 255, 255)

Product must be completely in frame and in focus

Product must fill 85% or more of the frame

Should be a professional photograph – visit our portfolio

Supporting Images

Maximum of 9 supporting images are displayed under product description

Product must be attention of image – text is allowed

Product must be completely in frame and in focus

Product must fill 85% or more of the frame

Amazon does not allow:

Images under 500 pixels on longest side

Drawings or illustrations in the main image

Text in the main image

Images with logos and watermarks (unless owned by user)

Pornographic or offensive material

Other brands aside from seller’s brand


Please visit Amazon.com for its full list of restrictions as well as permissions for specific departments/industry - e.g., clothing, jewelry, shoes

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