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Why Product Photos Need Clipping Paths and Transparent Backgrounds

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Take your product photography to the next level by adding a clipping path to the file. A clipping path creates an outline around the product, allows you to cut it out of its background, and manipulate the product.

E-commerce sites, such as Amazon, require their product sellers to upload a main image with a white background. So most of our e-commerce customers ask, "Why do I need a clipping path?" The answer is simple. With a clipping path, your product shots are now ready to be used on multiple platforms. A clipping path makes a transparent background possible by isolating the product. The product alone can now be dropped in to different layouts or altered to fit into another image.

Adding a clipping path to the image file allows you more freedom in advertising. Place your product on social media posts, create gifs, and use them as its own marketing tool.

Social media advertising has grown exponentially in just the last three years and is expected to continue to grow 10.5 percent annually.

Social media marketing posts can be easily created with your product photos and be a new source of advertising for your business. Both online retailers and brick and mortar storefronts are finding that simple and eye-catching promotions are effective.

The images below are examples of different ways the original shoe photo can be used with a transparent background and clipping path:

Photos are the lead attraction on websites and social media outlets since people process an image within milliseconds. They attract readers to an article more than a headline and influence the number of click-throughs on websites and e-commerce pages.

Make your photos click ready with Smart Product Shots!

We will explain social media advertising more in another article, stay tuned...

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