Our smart & simple process makes it easy to get professional product photography that will help sell more of your products. We now offer FREE return shipping on qualified orders.

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 If you need assistance, we are more than happy to answer your questions about our product photography service. Please call our customer service line at 1-844-556-2322.



Place your order with us online and pay in full with a credit card. We accept most major credit cards.


By Check

Phone your order into our customer sales department at 844-556-2322 to pay by check. All business check orders must be paid in full prior to shooting. Make checks payable to Smart Product Shots, LLC.

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Send Us Your Products:


Package your products and send them to us!


               Smart Product Shots

5 Division Street

Door C4, Unit C-143

East Greenwich, RI 02818


•  Please choose products that have no (or minimal) dents, dings,
    scratches, tears, pulls, etc.

•  Please pack them securely so your products are not damaged in transit.

•  Include your contact information in your shipment so we may contact you 
    when everything has arrived.


   (If we find that a product has been damaged in transit, or if the condition of
   the product cannot be improved with our cleaning process, we will contact
    you for the next step.)

Shoot List:

We ask that you include a shoot list with your order so we can make sure to double-check your products when we receive them and to make sure we capture what you need out of your product shots.


A shoot list should include your product photography order with item numbers/product names.

Please Include:

  • Item number

  • Product name

  • Single shot or group shot

  • How many shots per product

  • How you would like your files named


If you would like to have your product photographed at a specific angle, please send us a reference photo with your shipment or via email

Product Photography:


Once we confirm that everything has arrived we will begin prepping and taking your product photography!

We include a gentle cleaning to ensure your products are free of wrinkles, smudges, dust, and dirt.

We will follow all order instructions where applicable.



Once your smart product shots are ready, we will provide you with a secure link to your image gallery. You will be able to view your images and download them.

Delivered Photo Format

Choice of one of the following formats:

  • Custom Sized JPEG W x H x Resolution,

  • High Resolution 8 x 10 JPEG 300 PPI

  • Amazon Ready JPEG 2000 x 2000 72 PPI.

  • Get all 3 formats for only $5 per image


Your images will be available on the image gallery for 60 days. After 60 days they will be removed.

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Return Your Products:



We now offer free return shipping on qualified orders.

How it Works:

  1. A qualified order must have a minimum total cost of $250 (two hundred and fifty dollars) or more. We will pay up to $20 (twenty dollars) towards the shipping cost to return your product for projects that meet the minimum of $250.

  2. For orders over $500, we will pay up to 4% of the total photography order toward the shipping cost. If the cost of shipping is more than 4% of the order, the order will not be eligible for free shipping.

  3. We will not insure your product for shipping. If your product is lost or damaged in any way during the shipping process, Smart Product Shots LLC cannot be held liable.

  4. If we cannot ship the items back in the packaging in which it was sent to SPS, the product(s) must fit into a package no larger than 19 in. x 13 in. x 12 in. and cannot weigh more than 8lbs.
    If your product requires a larger box, or it weighs more than 8 lbs. your order will not be eligible for free shipping. 

  5. The choice of carrier for return shipping is at the discretion of Smart Product Shots LLC. The carriers we use are USPS, FedEx Ground and UPS Ground.

  6. Your photography invoice must be paid in full before we will ship your product back under the Free Return Shipping program.

  7. Smart Product Shots LLC. will not apply the $20 shipping or 4% shipping cost towards the project photography invoice as a credit. This is a shipping program and is not meant to be a discount program.

Orders that total less than $250 are not qualified for the free shipping. If you would like your product returned, you can provide your USPS, UPS or FedEx account number if you have one or include a USPS, FedEx or UPS shipping label with your order. If you do not want your product back, we can donate your products to a local charity or discard them that is what you wish.